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"I never understood,
How people could fall out of love.
Love is a promise, love is forever.
If you can fall out of love with someone,
Were you ever really in love to begin with?"
sjf (via fuck-ew-its-me)

Are you IN love?

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"you weren’t my world
you were my fucking universe
you were my universe because
you had the stars in your eyes
and the world at your feet
and you shone brighter than the sun
then again I guess if you were my world
i was the moon
because i revolved around you"

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Most of these, yes. 
Some Tuesday humor 😂 #HappyTuesday #PreMed
O-Chem lab selfie! #LabCoat #Goggles #SafetyFirst #Chemicals #OChem #ASU #Official #Professional #PreMed

I think its time PLUR starts getting more spread <3 You know what I love about meeting new people at raves? Its seeing the younger crowd going for the first time, sober, and seriously enjoying the music. I made these bracelets to let the new ravers know that this is a loving scene and we are all together for the love of music. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, its seeing a bunch of people there who don’t even know who the Dj is and are only there to get “fucked up”. I can’t stand the wannabes. For every new raver, this is for you. Will be handing out PLUR kandi singles when Echostage opens :)) Spread the PLUR. #plur #plurvibes #rave #kandi #pastel #neon #kandikid #glitter #washingtondc #maryland #virginia #echostage #panoramaproductions @clubglow @echostagedc

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My other half ❤💑🎶 #Tb #MyOtherHalf #BestFriend #Lover #Boyfriend #Family #Rave #iloveedm #Plur #RaveCouple #edm

It’s just I feel like the guy in the relationship in some aspects; especially when it comes down to the driving part, like I mostly go see you to your place, or just going places, I go and pick you up, and I’m over there saying “see you in 5 be ready”. You know? Like I don’t mind but sometimes I want that treatment where I get picked up… Also it’s the fact that I drive to your place after a long day, then go home late (while you are already at your house ready for bed) and still have to wake up early, while you get to take naps throughout your day & get to sleep in… Don’t get me wrong I love seeing you! But you should get in my shoes lol 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I don’t mind doing it honestly because I like driving but I feel like you should also be doing so.. And I know the whole gas thing but you’re not the only one? Like my parents don’t always fill my tank I usually do with my paychecks and I don’t mind because I use my car to get around and go see the people I love… You say you don’t really need your car but you do, I mean how much do you spend on your weed that you buy weekly?….

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